Electrical Water Heaters are the most popular.

Global Plumbing professionals will safely and efficiently install Energy Efficient Electrical Water Heaters complying the current Code.

Just select the size that better fit your needs and budget.


  • Installation is the simplest
  • Less safety risks
  • It can be installed almost anywhere in the home or business
  • Doesn’t require to be close to a gas line or propane tank
  • Variety of Sizes
  • Efficient and environment friendly insulation
  • Advanced thermostats allow setting different water temperature at different times
  • Safety features to prevent dry-firing (no water – no heat goes on)
  • Your property does not need to be located in an area with access to natural gas


  • Energy is more expensive than natural gas and propane
  • If power goes off, once the heated water is consumed, no hot water will be available until the power is restored

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