Propane Water Heaters are ideal for rural or isolated areas.

Propane is the alternative source of energy for such areas, but it is possible to install this type of Water Heaters in crowded areas as well; it is Client's call.

Global Plumbing professionals will safely and efficiently install Energy Efficient Propane Water Heaters complying the current Code.

Just select the size that better fit your needs and budget.




  • The location of the property is irrelevant
  • Energy is cheaper than electricity
  • If there is propane in the tank, hot water will be available if electricity goes off




  • Energy is more expensive than natural gas
  • Installation requires special care and safety measures
  • Consumption of propane must be monitored to avoid running out of fuel
  • Flowing and burning of propane always increase the exposure to safety risks
  • It must be installed close to the propane tank
  • Limited variety of Sizes

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