Repairs and Replacements

Once a problem is identified in your sewer line, our plumbers are able to quickly and efficiently take action to fix it.

In some cases, this might require a comprehensive and holistic repair plan. The strategy is to fix the problem that triggered the emergency and recommend the necessary corrective actions to avoid major problems in the future or at least mitigate their impact.

When the sewer line has to be replaced, our experienced professionals are able to execute a trustworthy service at affordable prices.

There are some home repairs that can be postponed, but it is unlikely with most plumbing ones.

When the kitchen sink or a pipe starts leaking, water backs up into your home; or when there is a stoppage in the sewer lines, you need a trustworthy, courteous plumber to immediately show up and fix the problem without hassle.

That is exactly the kind of residential plumbing services that you can expect from Global Plumbing. All of our services are always backed by 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Feel free to call and schedule an appointment, or take advantage of our Emergency Services offered around the clock every day of the year.

We understand the many plumbing issues that might arise in a residential home; our experienced plumbers will restore functionality in your home regardless the magnitude of the problem.


Our range of services vary from minor toilet and sink repairs to Outside sewer lines, including the following:

  • Comprehensive toilet repairs: flange replacements, tank repairs, trip levers, flappers, floats, filler valves, wax seals
  • Faucet repairs and replacements: stems, cartridges, washers, O rings
  • Bathtub and shower repairs: valves, diverters, tub spouts, handheld showers, shower heads
  • Complete valve repair and replacement: shut-off valves, control valves, main valves, backflow valves and hose bibs
  • Identifying, repairing and replacing cracked and leaking pipes: professional testing equipment available for water leaks Smoke tests to identify gas odors
  • Technology is one thing many plumbers lack today. When the sewer line breaks or another substantial problem occurs, you don’t have time to wait around for a more prepared plumber to arrive on the scene. With excellent Service culture, the prepared, knowledgeable plumbers show up the first time around.
  • Versatile Plumbing Repairs

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