Plantation, Florida

Plantation FL is a city located in Broward County, Florida. The population was 91,750 as of the 2020 U.S. census. It is part of the Miami metro area. It is a growing city with a high-tech sector, making it a desirable place to live. The city has an extensive shopping and entertainment district, as well as many other attractions.

Plantation FL has a wide variety of grocery stores to choose from. You can find everything from Publix to Winn Dixie and ALDI. You can also visit the Plantation Farmers Market, which sells organic fruits and vegetables, honey and cheese, and plants. Plantation also offers a thriving coffee scene, and local cafes like the Ella Cafe serve up tasty cold brew and pastries.

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Plantation has an average per capita income of $39,326. That puts Plantation in the upper middle class of US cities. The median income of a family of four in Plantation is $157,304. The city has a very diverse population, including many very rich and many very poor people.

Plantation FL is a city in Broward County. Before the 1940s, the city was mostly uninhabited. But in 1941, a potato farmer and cattle baron named Frederick C. Peters purchased 10,000 acres of cheap land from the Everglades Plantation Company. In 1949, the first homes were built in the area. By the 1950s, the city was incorporated and experienced steady growth.

Plantation FL is home to several parks and public recreation centers. The Plantation Central Park is home to pick-up basketball games, walking trails, a swimming pool, and a dog park named Happy Tails. The Plantation Historical Museum is located at the city hall and is part of a complex that includes a library and a botanical garden park. The museum features exhibits about the history of the area, as well as local police and fire departments.

Plantation is a beautiful city located in Broward County. It is home to numerous amenities, a safe and diverse community, and a stable business environment. It is a good jumping off point for exploring the attractions in Southeast Florida. Plantation also offers plenty of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. The city was incorporated in 1953 and is home to several large companies, including National Beverage, Magic Leap, and Motorola Solutions.

Plantation FL has many apartments and commercial spaces. It is an ideal location for businesses that require high quality space. Plantation’s central business district contains office space, retail shops, and entertainment. The city’s downtown area is an 850-acre planned city with a variety of amenities. It is also home to the Plantation Historical Museum, which used to be a small room in City Hall.

The United States Census Bureau uses a set of income thresholds to determine poverty levels. These thresholds vary based on race and ethnicity. If a family earns less than these thresholds, they are considered to be poor. In Plantation FL, the percentage of families living below these thresholds is higher for White people, followed by Black people and Hispanics.

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