Rae Carole Armstrong Liberty Tree Park 

Rae Carole Armstrong Liberty Tree Park 

If you are looking to spend some quality time with your loved ones outside on a beautiful, sunny day, Rae Carole Armstrong Liberty Tree Park Plantation is the place for you. Located in Lake Worth FL and spreading across over 100 acres, it is one of the most popular attractions in South Florida. This beautiful park has several interesting attractions as well as lush green forests and beautiful lakes that will make your visit an enjoyable one. You can visit this amazing attraction at 7421 NW 5th St, Plantation, FL 33317.  Here are some things to do when visiting Rae Carole Armstrong Liberty Tree Park Plantation FL:

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Walk through the trails and gardens

One of the best ways to enjoy the park is by walking through the trails and gardens. The park offers over 25 miles of paths that wind through the park’s forest and swamps, connecting many of the visitor’s destinations. The tropical gardens are another great place to wander. You could easily spend several hours wandering the paths and gardens, admiring the lush tropical plants.


Visit the visitor center

The visitor center is one of the most popular places in the park. It is located in the oldest section of the park and is a great place to learn more about the park and the many attractions it has to offer. You can also find helpful information about park lodging and campsites.


Enjoy a drive in the park’s many scenic roads and pathways

The park has many scenic roads and pathways that will make for a great drive. The main thoroughfares are the Southern Connector, Southern Connector Loop, Central Connector, and the Southern Heritage Trail. These pathways wind through the park’s forests and swamps and are lined with numerous tropical gardens.


Dine outdoors at one of the park’s many fine restaurants

There are many fine restaurants in the park that will make for a great outdoor dining experience. The southern section of the park is home to several fine restaurants, while the northern section has several fine inns and lodges. The southern section is home to many fine dining establishments that are within walking distance of the southern section’s famous beaches.

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Take a horseback ride

There are several stables in the park that offer a great horseback riding experience. You could also take your own horse or pony and ride the park’s many scenic paths or trails. There are also several tours in the park that will take you on a tour of the park’s many attractions.

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