Young At Art Museum

Young At Art Museum

If you love interactive museums, you’ll love The Young At Art Museum, a Florida institution that features contemporary works of art. Founded by Esther and Mindy Shrago in 1987, the museum first toured South Florida for two years as a traveling exhibition, billed as “Museum Without Walls.” Then, in 1989, the Young At Art Museum opened in a storefront at 3200 square feet on Plantation’s north shore. It is located at 8000 W Broward Blvd Ste 1208, Plantation, FL 33388.

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The Young At Art Museum is an interactive art museum located in Plantation, Florida. Founded by Esther and Mindy Shrago, the museum was originally a mobile exhibit that toured South Florida for two years. In 1989, the museum opened in a 3,200-square-foot storefront in Plantation. Several years later, it expanded to its current facility. It employs about 125 people, primarily museum workers.

Young At Art Museum Plantation FL offers an array of after-school classes to the public. These include clay magic, drawing and painting, and watercolor. The museum is located in the heart of Westfield Broward, at the corner of University Drive and West Broward Boulevard. The museum is near the circular fountain, north of Buffalo Wild Wings. New galleries have been added, including the YAA NOW Gallery, located across from Paul Mitchell the School and LensCrafters.

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The Young At Art Museum is an interactive art museum in Plantation, Florida. The museum first started in 1987 by Esther and Mindy Shrago as a mobile art museum that traveled South Florida for two years. In 1989, they opened their first permanent location in Plantation, Florida, in a 3,200-square-foot storefront. During that time, the museum’s mission grew to include more than a dozen art galleries, interactive experiences, and live performances for children.

The Young At Art Museum is a unique family attraction in the city. It features immersive exhibitions, art workshops, summer camps, and birthday parties. The museum supports the arts in communities that may otherwise not be able to afford them. There’s also a YAA NOW gallery located at the Westfield Mall, which exhibits site-specific interactive art displays as well as a number of works from the museum’s permanent exhibitions. The museum’s interactive exhibition spaces are filled with fun activities and exhibits, including live performances by renowned artists.


If you have ever wondered how much it would cost to visit the Young At Art Museum in Plantation FL, then you’ve come to the right place. The interactive museum was founded in 1987 by Esther and Mindy Shrago, and it first traveled to South Florida as “The Museum Without Walls” for two years before opening its doors in 1989 in a 3,200 square-foot storefront in Plantation.

The Young At Art Museum is an interactive museum for kids of all ages in Plantation, Florida. The Shrago sisters founded the museum in 1987 and have been activating the imagination of children and adults alike since 1989. Visitors will enjoy exhibitions of original art and participate in hands-on activities, including memory collages with Twiggy Boyer, handmade books with Shawnie Moulton, and ink images with Mimi Botscheller.

The majority of employees at the Young At Art Museum are white, with approximately 71% of the workforce being female. The third-largest ethnic group is Hispanic or Latino. The average age of Young At Art Museum employees is 18 years old, with 0% being under the age of 18.

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