Sewer Line and Excavation

Sewer Line and Excavation

Sewer Line Service and Excavation In South Florida

Maintaining sewer lines is vital for the health and safety of your Florida property. Clogged or damaged lines can cause odors, property damage, and health risks. Trust Global Plumbing to keep your sewer lines in peak condition.

Our specialists provide expert sewer line services and excavation using advanced equipment and techniques for fast, efficient problem resolution. Rely on Global Plumbing for exceptional plumbing solutions that minimize disruptions in your daily routine.

Expert Sewer Line Service and Excavation by Global Plumbing

Global Plumbing offers comprehensive plumbing services in Florida to keep your system functioning optimally. Our expertise in repairs and installations ensures reliable and dependable solutions. We offer full range of sewer line service and excavation including: 

Sewer Line Scope Inspection

The sewer line scope inspection allows us to do a thorough examination of your sewer lines to ensure they are functioning properly. This step allows us to determine the problem and develop a plan for repair or replacement. Our experienced plumbers use state of the art equipment such as cameras and sensors to carry out this inspection. 

Sewer Line Repair

Trust Global Plumbing’s skilled technicians in Florida for efficient sewer line repairs. With advanced camera inspection technology, we identify issues and take action, whether it’s clearing blockages, fixing damaged sections, or re-routing sewer lines. Rely on us for proactive, long-lasting solutions.

Sewer Line Replacement

If sewer line repairs aren’t viable or damage is significant, rely on Global Plumbing’s expert replacement services for effective solutions and a functional system.

Sewer Excavation

Our skilled plumbers handle excavation projects of any size, digging up affected areas to access and repair damaged sewer lines. We diligently restore the area to its original condition after completing the repair work.

Trenchless Sewer Repair

Trenchless repair involves using specialized equipment and techniques for sewer line repair without extensive digging. Our skilled technicians and plumbers, proficient in the latest trenchless methods, can assess if this option suits your situation. Faster, less disruptive, and cost-effective, trenchless repair is an appealing choice for many homeowners.

Clogged Sewer Line

Avoid disruptions from clogged sewer lines in your Florida home with Global Plumbing’s expert drain cleaning services. Our team tackles tough blockages, from hair and debris to tree root obstructions, restoring proper flow to your plumbing system. Prevent further damage and costly repairs with our exceptional drain cleaning services, ensuring smooth-flowing pipes.

Sewer Pipe Replacement

For severely damaged sewer lines requiring replacement, trust Global Plumbing’s Florida-based experts. We specialize in sewer pipe replacement, offering tailored solutions like traditional excavation or trenchless technology to minimize property disruption.

Main Sewer Line Repair

Global Plumbing specializes in main sewer line repairs in Florida, ensuring a well-functioning plumbing system. Our skilled plumbers utilize cutting-edge equipment and techniques to diagnose and resolve problems, whether they’re stubborn clogs or damage from tree root obstructions.

Top-Rated Sewer Line Repair & Replacement Services in South Florida

Sewer lines are vital to a home’s plumbing system, and malfunctions can cause significant issues such as clogs, leaks, and tree root damage.

Clogs from debris, fats, oils, or grease can lead to backups, slow drains, and foul odors. Global Plumbing Florida provides expert drain cleaning services to clear clogs and restore proper flow.

Leaks due to age, corrosion, or tree root damage can result in water damage and potential health problems. Global Plumbing Florida offers expert sewer line repair and replacement services to address leaks and prevent further damage.

Tree roots can grow into pipes, causing obstructions. Our experienced technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose and repair tree root damage.

Sewer lines can also face deterioration, settling, and damage from construction or other activities.

Let Us Handle The Dirty Work - Global Plumbing

Choosing Global Plumbing for sewer line service and excavation offers numerous benefits:

  1. Skilled and Experienced: Our expert technicians excel in plumbing and HVAC, providing exceptional customer service and top-quality workmanship.
  2. Advanced Technology and Equipment: We use state-of-the-art cameras for sewer inspections, allowing accurate diagnoses and effective solutions. Our cutting-edge excavation equipment ensures efficient sewer line repair.
  3. Honesty and Transparency: We commit to upfront pricing and detailed work explanations, enabling informed decisions about sewer line repairs or replacements. We also provide financing options for accessibility and affordability.
  4. Fast Response Times: Our emergency services are available Monday to Sunday, offering timely assistance for clogged sewer lines, broken pipes, or other plumbing and HVAC emergencies.

Rely On Our Expert Sewer Line Services For The Perfect Results

We follow a tried and tested process for sewer line repair and replacement. Here is what it entails: 

Sewer Inspection

A sewer inspection involves examining your sewer pipes’ interior to detect damage, blockages, or other issues that may cause problems. During the inspection, our plumber employs a small camera connected to a flexible rod to inspect the sewer line. This camera records live video footage displayed on a monitor for the plumber to analyze.

Our plumber cautiously guides the camera through the sewer line, using the footage to spot any problem areas. The camera can identify various issues, including cracks, leaks, root penetration, and debris accumulation. After completing the inspection, our plumber presents a report detailing the sewer line’s condition and any concerns that require attention.


Once a sewer inspection is completed, our technician will give you a service recommendation that includes the inspection details, costs, and completion timeline. The technician will also discuss the inspection findings and suggest any required repairs or maintenance. This approach ensures you have a comprehensive understanding of your sewer line’s condition and the necessary actions to maintain its proper functioning.

Repairs and Replacements

Following a service recommendation from our experts about repairs or replacements, we’ll offer a comprehensive explanation of the necessary steps, including cost estimates and completion time frames. Generally, repairs might include fixing leaks, patching damaged sections, or replacing broken pipes. Replacement could be essential if your sewer line is severely damaged or has degraded beyond the possibility of repair.

After you agree to the proposed repairs or replacement, our experts will commence the work. The process can take from a few hours to several days, depending on the scope of the repairs or replacement. During this period, our experts will ensure that the repairs are completed accurately, and your sewer line functions correctly.


After completing a sewer line repair or replacement, our team will perform troubleshooting to confirm that the issue has been entirely resolved. This process includes a comprehensive inspection of the repaired or replaced sewer line section to verify its proper function.

Our plumber may utilize specialized equipment, such as a sewer camera, to examine the pipe’s interior and ensure there are no leaks or other concerns. If any problems are detected, our plumber will address them, which might involve additional repairs or sewer line adjustments. Once the troubleshooting process is finished, our plumber will carry out a final inspection to confirm the sewer line’s optimal function and complete resolution of the issue.

Final Inspection

The final inspection of a sewer line is essential for confirming that any issues have been completely resolved. This step involves a thorough evaluation of the repaired or replaced section of the sewer line, ensuring its proper function. Our inspector will check that all repair work meets high standards and that the surrounding area has been appropriately restored.

Once our inspector is confident that everything is in good condition, they will approve the work and provide a report detailing the inspection findings. This final inspection process offers homeowners peace of mind, knowing their sewer line has been meticulously inspected and repaired to the highest possible standard.

Say Goodbye to Sewer Issues in Florida For Good With Global Plumbing

Sewer services from Global Plumbing in Florida may be necessary in several situations. If you experience slow drainage in sinks, toilets, or showers, it could indicate a clogged sewer line. Our drain cleaning service can clear blockages and restore your sewer pipes to optimal condition.

Unpleasant odors from drains or your yard might signal a damaged sewer pipe. Global Plumbing offers sewer line inspection services to identify any issues within your sewer system.

If we detect a damaged sewer pipe, we provide repair or replacement services to ensure your sewer system functions properly. For recurring backups or overflows, excavation and repair or replacement of the damaged sewer line sections may be required. Trust Global Plumbing for all your sewer needs, and we’ll keep your system running at peak performance.

All-in-one Sewer Line Repair Solution in South Florida

Global Plumbing is your premier choice for expert sewer line services and excavation needs in Florida. Our highly trained professionals possess the expertise and utilize cutting-edge tools and technology to deliver efficient and effective solutions for any sewer line issue.

With years of industry experience, Global Plumbing has earned a reputation for excellence and reliability, offering top-notch services to our clients. Our unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in our responsive and friendly customer service team, always ready to address concerns and provide timely solutions. From routine sewer line inspections to major repairs and replacements, trust Global Plumbing to handle all your sewer line service and excavation needs with precision and care.

Global Plumbing Offers More Than Just Sewer Services: Additional Drain Cleaning and Water Line Repair Options for Customers

Global Plumbing offers a range of related services in addition to sewer line services and excavation. These services include:

Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning is an essential service that ensures a well-functioning plumbing system. It involves using specialized equipment and methods to eliminate blockages, buildup, and debris from drains and pipes, maintaining a healthy and efficient system.

Water Line Repair

Water line repair entails fixing or replacing damaged or leaking water lines, which is crucial for maintaining proper water flow and preventing water damage to homes or properties.

Gas Line Services

Global Plumbing provides comprehensive gas line services to ensure safe and efficient installation and repair of gas lines. Our certified technicians employ state-of-the-art equipment to detect and repair gas leaks. We also offer installation and relocation services for gas lines, ensuring reliable and secure connections.

Garbage Disposal Repair

Global Plumbing provides dependable garbage disposal repair services to ensure the proper functioning of your kitchen sink. We specialize in resolving clogs and addressing any damage to your garbage disposal, ensuring its optimal performance.

General Plumbing Services

Global Plumbing offers a comprehensive range of plumbing services to meet all your needs. From faucet and toilet repairs to leak detection and water heater installation, our team of experts is dedicated to providing quality solutions and exceptional customer service.

We go beyond traditional plumbing services to offer specialized solutions like sewer line services and excavation, ensuring that all your plumbing needs are covered under one roof.

Contact Global Plumbing today for all your plumbing and excavation needs in Florida. Call us at (954) 765-6376, email us at, or visit our location to learn more about how we can help you. Trust us to provide reliable and effective plumbing solutions that exceed your expectations.

Let our team provide you with a painless plumbing experience. Contact us to schedule plumbing service.

Frequently Asked Questions

The signs of a clogged sewer line include Sewer water that smells like rotten eggs or sewage, Sewer water that is brown or black in color (instead of clear), and Water that is bubbling up from your toilet, sink, bathtub, or shower drain.

We would inspect the sewer lines by using a camera that is inserted into the sewer line. The camera will send back images of the inside of the sewer line, and we can use those images to identify any problems with it.

The main cause of sewer line damage is tree roots. When trees grow, they can grow through the sewer line and cause cracks or breaks in it. This causes leaks, which can lead to backups in your home.

The first step is to find the actual source of the damage. If it’s a small hole, you can often patch it yourself with a repair kit. If there’s more serious damage, you’ll need to call in a professional plumber.

The cost of sewer line repair can vary widely, depending on the length of the line and the extent of the damage. Replacing a section of a line that’s been damaged can be very expensive, but if you’re just dealing with a small leak or clog, then repairs may not be as complicated or expensive.

Yes, tree roots can cause a lot of damage to sewer lines. Tree roots can damage the pipe that runs through your yard, which could lead to clogs and backups in your pipes. The tree roots might also cause cracks in the pipe, which would allow water to leak out of it and into your yard.

Sewer lines should be inspected at least once or twice per year. The reason for this is that the sewer line is always exposed to the elements, and it can be damaged by things like tree roots or animal burrows. It’s also important to inspect the sewer line because if there’s a problem with it, then you’ll want to fix it before it becomes worse.

Trenchless sewer line replacement is a process in which an old, damaged, or otherwise unusable sewer line is removed and replaced with a new pipe. The process is done without digging a trench and is therefore considered “trenchless.”

Excavation is the process of creating a hole or hollow space in the ground. Excavation can be done for many reasons, including laying down sewer pipes and cables, laying foundations for buildings and roads, and creating basements.

The length of time for sewer line replacement depends on the extent of the damage. If you have a blockage, you may need to replace your entire sewer line, which can take one or three days. If your line is simply clogged and needs to be cleaned, it will only take a few hours.